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About Greet Moens



I am Greet, an independent stylist, personal shopper, color connoisseur and beauty coach living in Antwerp, Belgium.

After obtaining my bachelor degree in nutrition, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for quite some time.  However, as fashion has always been a passion and inspiration for me, I decided to make a career switch and become a stylist.

Around the age of 35, I was diagnosed with a congenital muscle disease. Colors and fashion have proven to be very efficient in coping with this condition: life is not perfect but your wardrobe can be!

In the meantime, I have helped so many women to find the best version of themselves.

I prefer a holistic approach combining lifestyle elements, styling tips, color advice, image consulting and even healthy food tips, to bring out the best in women.

You can read articles here testifying about my work as an expert.


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