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Personal Stylist of
Wijnegem Shopping Center

I have been selected as official Personal Stylist of the most important shopping mall in the Antwerp (Belgium) area: Wijnegem Shopping Center. As part of the Wijnegem FashionTeam, you can book a 3 hour personal shopping session with me.

Also booking group sessions is possible!

More information can be found on the website of the Wijnegem Shopping Center (WSC) via this link (in Dutch).

Styling: Wardrobe Make-Over

In my experience, women are wearing only about 30% of what hangs in their wardrobe. My job is to make this 70%! By making new silhouets (looks) depending on who you are and your body type, you learn how to dress like a pro.

The secret of my success is a combination of creativity, customizing and a lot of recycling.

It is like shopping in your own wardrobe!

This small investment will give you a lifetime of pleasure and experience!

Personal Shopping

This is preferably done after a wardrobe make-over and a scouting.

Color analysis

During this analysis, we are looking for a color palette which makes you look younger, healthier, fresher... (it is like the best filter for your face).

This advise includes the best hair color(s), color in make-up and of course in your wardrobe.

Beauty coach

Daily make-up workshops individually or in group (max 5 persons) at home or as a training for sales teams of cosmetic companies.

During a workshop, I will show you how to choose the right foundation, , the best colors of lipstick(s), how to do your own smoky eyes...

I bring everything with me: mirrors, make-up, cleenex, etc...


No more dieting!

As graduated dietitian, I will help you lose weight and improve your figure through a healthy lifestyle. No calorie counting but practical every-day tips & tricks to achieve your goal!

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