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The stylist's choice

As a stylist, my job and passion is styling women of all ages, body shapes and sizes.

It is for all you women that I am starting this blog!

To inspire you and help you (re)style yourselves and Become who you are.

Consider my help as professional advice as you will get tips & tricks that really work in bringing out the best version of you.

Because a picture says more than a 1000 words, this blog will be very visual with just enough text to convey the message.

I hope you will sit back, watch a lot, read a bit

and enjoy The stylist’s blog!



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The Stylist’s Choice: Why starting a web shop at the age of 50?

Updated: Sep 24, 2017

Welcome to my blog ‘The Stylist’s Choice’!

Here you will find expert advice on how to style yourself, the latest trends, cosmetics and healthy lifestyle, etc…

Cardigan The Stylist’s Choice @thestylistschoice

Broches Sasha

Sunglasses Gucci

Choker Parfois

T Mango

After having worked for 20 something years as a stylist, make-up artist, dietitian and life style coach, I want to share my knowledge with all you women and the world --- free of charge ---. If you have questions about topics you want me to address, please let me know!

I have seen so many women’s closets that I just know what is hanging in yours. And more importantly, what is not!

For all of you that know me from my Instagram account (@journeyofastylist), I am a big advocate of wearing colors and mixing prints. And wearing shiny materials during week days…

I realize you have a lot of questions on how to wear color, prints, the latest fashion trends,…. The answer to all of this you will find right here.

I fully understand it is difficult to find the right clothes in the overwhelming offering on the market. This is why you need a professional like me to assist you.

The reason why I start my web shop ‘The Stylist’s Choice’ -while there are already so many others around- is not to overwhelm you with more clothes: choose well, buy less, as Viviane Westwood would say!

The name ’The Stylist’s Choice’ says it all: you will find MY choice of garments for YOU (and me ;-) ).

I chose brands that love women and pieces that respect the female body. I know that you all have the basics, it’s the pieces that spice and color up your lives and wardrobes that are missing. The pieces you will find on my web shop ‘The Stylist’s Choice’ are there to complement all your basics.

You will find (almost) NO BLACK on ‘The Stylist’s Choice’, which goes against all odds from a commercial point of view. I find there is enough black in the world to cover its surface many times over.

It is not my intention to become a millionaire; it is to be happy with what I do best and make other women (and their loved ones) happy with who they are. Of course, I hope I will get a lot of support from all of you, so I can continue to do what I do best.

By choosing these unique garments, I want to release your inner Diva and stimulate you to go for something different than you would normally go for. Like I told all my clients before: choose different, be unique, dare to be yourself!

Show the world the true gem I know you are!

I will help you style the different clothes to your specific body shape and to who you are. I hope you will find your answers and inspiration throughout this blog, @journeyofastylist and on my website. My mission has always been to make the world a more beautiful place by filling it with happy women, because happy girls are the prettiest.

What I learned from all the women I worked with, is that they really want to try out color and prints but that they do not know how, which I too can relate to. If I had to buy a new computer, I would definitely need some professional help too.

I will finally be able to change the looks on the street, which after all is the real runway!

Thank you for following my journey!

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Sep 26, 2017

Thank you so much Lisa! This means a lot to me🙏🏻💕💋


Sep 25, 2017

I look forward to keeping up with your blog and web shop! You have such a unique skill set to bring online, and I hope it goes brilliantly. xx


Sep 24, 2017

Thank you SO much Kathleen! My first reaction 🙏🏻💋🎉


Kathleen Buytaert
Kathleen Buytaert
Sep 23, 2017

Hi Greet, congrats on your website and blog... good luck! x

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